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Efectiv announces its PeptiStrong-powered muscle builder two months out from release

Effectiv Nutrition Build

The AI-discovered muscle-building ingredient PeptiStrong has been finding its way into more and more supplements, including the likes of Serious Nutrition Solutions by way of Pepti-Plex, Beyond Raw’s premium protein powder Dynamic Whey, and most recently, Soul Performance’s cost-effective Nexus Peptide Renewal. The popular Efectiv Nutrition is taking its turn, although unlike all of those mentioned, Efectiv is not based in North America and is bringing the increasingly popular PeptiStrong to the UK.

Efectiv Nutrition has announced a muscle-building supplement simply named Build, and PeptiStrong is the anchor of it all at a full and effective 2.4g in its four-capsule serving. The brand hasn’t stopped there, though; it has also thrown in two other like-minded ingredients by way of the turkesterone source, ajuga turkestanica, at half a gram and standardized to its usual 10% and 200mg of epicatechin. Efectiv Build is very much an advanced muscle builder, focused entirely on supporting and increasing muscle strength and size, and due to its specific formula, you’ll be able to stack it with other products of this type.

Efectiv Nutrition has decided to announce its PeptiStrong and turkesterone-powered muscle builder quite a long way out from its debut, as opposed to revealing this week and say, releasing it next week. Efectiv Build is not due to arrive for another eight to ten weeks, making it available as early as late May but potentially as late as the beginning of June. Either way, fans have a clear idea of what they’re getting when that supplement eventually makes its way to shelves, and it will have that usual month’s supply in every bottle.

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