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EHP Labs unveils a second round of Ghostbusters flavors arriving alongside Frozen Empire

Ehp Labs X Ghostbusters Collaboration Round Two

EHP Labs made a mountain of noise last year when it announced its giant and authentic collaboration with the iconic film franchise Ghostbusters, which is about to be back in cinemas in the coming weeks by way of its latest sequel, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. EHP and Ghostbusters came together for a mountain of special edition flavors, including Slimer and Proton Plasma in OxyShred, OxyShred Energy, Beyond EAA, and OxyGreens, and a Marshmallow Blessed Protein.

It turns out, the partnership between EHP Labs and Ghostbusters is more extensive than those initial three flavors or nine different products. It is a two-part thing, as later this month, during the week of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’s rollout, we are getting nine more drops. Following on from all of those others will be Frosty Big Apple OxyShred, OxyShred Energy, Beyond EAA, and OxyGreens, Ecto Freeze for those same four of OxyShred, OxyShred Energy, Beyond EAA, and OxyGreens, and lastly, the Blessed flavor, Mini Pufts Marshmallow but for OxyWhey protein powder.

Again, all of those fresh new authentic Ghostbusters flavor collaborations are finding their way out in the coming weeks, right before Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire makes its way onto the big screen. We did get the chance to try those original special editions, and found the Slimer OxyShred Energy Drink to be one of the best flavors we’ve had. We are looking forward to seeing how all of these play out, especially the beverage options, Frosty Big Apple and Ecto Freeze OxyShred Energy.