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Newcomer Genius Industries drops a sleep aid to go alongside its original fat burner

Genius Industries Super Sleep

The Australian sports nutrition brand Genius Industries from retailer The Lipo Guy made its debut around the middle of last year with a TGA-registered stimulant fat burner by the name of Super 23 built to support energy, metabolism, thermogenesis, and weight loss. Beginning this month, Genius is no longer a one-product brand, with the introduction of its second supplement, introducing Super Sleep, designed specifically to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Genius Industries Super Sleep is similar to Super 23 in the sense that it has a variety of ingredients and dosages to support its core purpose, which is to help you get to sleep and get better quality sleep that can then lead to improved recovery and performance.

Genius Industries Super Sleep Label

You can see the facts panel for Super Sleep from Australia’s Genius Industries above, and take note of the equivalency mentions, which is incredibly rare in the US but less so down under, where you get the dose of an extract and the amount of the raw substance you’d need to get it. Brought together specifically for the goal of improving sleep is 14mg of saffron extract, a light 50mg of ashwagandha, half a gram of magnesium glycinate, 10mg of zinc citrate, and vitamin B5.

Genius Industries’ Super Sleep isn’t supremely complex, missing some of your more common and reliable ingredients like melatonin, GABA, and even Zylaria, although keep in mind the likes of melatonin and GABA can’t be used in supplements in Australia. You can purchase the newly released Super Sleep from the Genius website at $59.95 (39.66 USD) to supply you for a full month, and there are some discounted bundles getting the product as low as $53.91 (35.66 USD).