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India’s HealthFarm combines protein and creatine in its newest protein powder

Healthfarm Nutrition Nitra Whey

The sports nutrition retailer and brand HealthFarm Nutrition in India has added another protein powder to its in-house family of supplements, a category it already has a strong selection of competitors in, including the likes of Diet Whey and the cost-competitive Muscle Whey. Nitra Whey is the name of the brand’s newest addition, and it is a rather premium and complex product, featuring more than whey to provide a reliable and lean source of protein.

HealthFarm Nutrition’s Nitra Whey features a blend of whey isolate and concentrate for 34g of protein a serving, alongside 5.8g of carbohydrates, just less than half of that sugar, 1.5g of fat, and 168 calories. It’s certainly a lean source of protein, but to push it a bit more to the advanced side of things, it has a variety of vitamins and minerals and a reasonable dose of creatine monohydrate at 3g a serving to support muscle strength, power, and performance.

As mentioned, Nitra Whey by HealthFarm Nutrition is a complex protein powder, offering more than that heightened level of protein at 34g, with health-supporting vitamins and minerals also in the mix and strength-supporting creatine. The supplement is certainly not as cost-effective as Muscle Whey, the brand’s most mainstream competitor in the category, but it makes up for that in the formula in 1kg and 2kg tubs and Chocolate and Coffee flavors.