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Retailer Hypa Sports tackles popular categories in its competitive and self-titled house brand

Hypa Sports House Brand

Hypa Sports is a sports nutrition retailer all the way in New Zealand that has followed the path of many other supplement stores around the world, from the US to Europe, India, Asia, and Australia. We are indeed talking about Hypa coming up with its own line of products, where it carries over the lifestyle-type branding it markets alongside its store. The collection of supplements is branded with the shop’s original name in Hypa Sports, and it is currently made up of six different items spanning three separate categories.

Under the Hypa Sports banner, there are some simple products but also some more complicated formulas for advanced categories like protein powder and testosterone booster. That simpler side of things includes the retailer and brand’s unflavored carbohydrate supplement, which is just a big bag of dextrose and maltodextrin to provide a straightforward carb solution.

Next you have Crea-Charge, which sounds somewhat complex, although it is a standalone creatine monohydrate with 70 5g servings a bag, and lastly, you have Pea Protein Isolate, which, true to its name, is just a 1kg bag of unflavored pea protein isolate.

Hypa Sports Protein Powder

Hypa Sports’ more advanced offerings start with the testosterone booster Testo-Charge, bringing together reliable muscle-building components like turkesterone, 600mg of ashwagandha, fenugreek, shilajit, zinc, boron, and 3g of d-aspartic acid. The remaining two items are protein powders, flavored protein powders in ISO-Charge and Pro-Charge; the former is powered by premium New Zealand whey isolate, and the latter is more cost-effective New Zealand whey concentrate. They each provide respectable and lean nutrition profiles and are available in classic Chocolate and Vanilla flavors as well as Unflavored.

Hypa Sports is indeed a retailer, so obviously, its online store is precisely where you can find out more and get your hands on any of the six supplements currently available from its self-titled house brand. The prices on the products are not too bad and right around the competition or within reason, such as a 1kg or 2.2lb bag of premium ISO-Charge at $76.46 (45.69 USD). We look forward to seeing where the sports nutrition store goes from here, as in what other supplements it has planned and areas it looks to expand into as a brand.