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Inno Supps puts fat-burning Metabolyte to use in its hydration debut Lyte Shred

Inno Supps Lyte Shred

Hydration has become one of the hottest categories over the past year or so, with sports nutrition brands all across the industry getting in on the action, some with simple and straightforward approaches, and others upping their game and going a touch more complex. Inno Supps is the latest competitor to take on the increasingly popular space with Lyte Shred, which features a hybrid formula, looking to support hydration and performance, but also metabolism and weight management.

Inno Supps Lyte Shred is powered by the more recent ingredient innovation Metabolyte from Compound Solutions, the company responsible for the likes of TeaCrine, Dynamine, and performance-supporting PeakO2. We first saw Metabolyte in Nutrex’s hybrid fat-burning pre-workout Outlift Burn, and what it is exactly is an electrolyte — like potassium and sodium in the case of Lyte Shred — that is bound to dodecanedioic acid to optimize your metabolism and encourage the burning of fat for fuel.

For Lyte Shred, as mentioned, Inno Supps has paired dodecanedioic acid with potassium and sodium, combined and respectively dosed at a gram and half a gram per serving. The exact breakdown of electrolytes in the supplement is 1.31g of potassium, 360mg of sodium, and 255mg of magnesium from magnesium oxide to support and improve hydration, performance, and recovery, basically putting the still relatively new Metabolyte to good use and in the most ideal way possible.

Inno Supps Lyte Shred is in stock and available for purchase immediately through its online store at in Electric Peach and Lightning Lime flavors, and the rather innovative fat-burning hydration supplement is not too expensive if you go the subscription route. The brand does tend to discount subscriptions substantially, and its hydration debut is no different, with a bag of 16 single-serving stick packs at $37.48 or $29.98 if you sign up to receive it on a regular basis.