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Fans of InnovaPharm finally get a reliable anytime-use product for quick energy and focus

Innovapharm Novatropic

On the list of all-new supplements InnovaPharm has dropped today are mostly advanced sports nutrition products, including the likes of MVPre 365 and Poppa Pump. Another worthwhile innovation rolling out today is Novatropic, a traditional anytime-use nootropic to elevate energy and focus whenever and wherever you need it. This is separate from the already available Brain XL, which is more of a brain health and function supplement as opposed to Novatropic’s more immediate benefits.

Again, InnovaPharm Novatropic is what we refer to as a classic nootropic, as it has the ability to get you centered, alert, uplifted, focused, and cognitively enhanced shortly after you throw down a serving or two. Most importantly, the reputable brand has packed the product full of ingredients to ensure it comes through with that experience, and it’s been produced in the always enjoyable flavored powder format at 25 full servings a tub and with two tastes to choose from in Fuzzy Navel and Pink Lemonade.

Innovapharm Novatropic Label

The ingredients and dosages selected for InnovaPharm’s Novatropic include a gram each of taurine, tyrosine, and n-acetyl-l-carnitine, 100mg of energy-smoothing theanine, 250mg of citicoline, B vitamins, and our preferred amount of caffeine for an anytime nootropic at 200mg. There are a couple of rarities in the mix on this one, too, by way of 4mg of lycoris radiata extract to help prevent the breakdown of choline and further enhance cognition and 5mg of NovaPept, a peptide-based technology made up of growth factors that specifically encourage brain development, maintenance, and repair.

InnovaPharm Novatropic certainly has the tools to drive home its promised energy, focus, and cognition increase, ideal for things like work, gaming, study, or really anywhere you’re good to throw down a full serving and could make use of those elevating effects. The supplement is going live today through, with retail partners to follow, but if you do go direct, you’ll be looking at a 25-serving bottle price of $49.99, right around the brand’s many other premium-level supplements.