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High-energy 9 Volt arrives this week and with twice as many flavors as Like A Pro planned

Like A Pro Extra Flavors Of 9 Volt

This Thursday, a little later than Like A Pro Supplements originally planned, the launch of its high-stimulant pre-workout 9 Volt is finally taking place after having its details completely revealed a month ago. The reputable brand has always stuck to low levels of caffeine in its primary pre-workout Pump & Focus, so the idea of a high-stimulant competitor from Like A Pro got a lot of attention. The product certainly looks good on paper, featuring a combined 400mg of caffeine, tyrosine for focus, and premium Dynamine.

Interestingly, since the complete unveiling of the high-powered 9 Volt pre-workout, Like A Pro Supplements has decided to change its strategy a bit, not on the formula side, but in regards to the flavors the product is making its debut in. Initially, the brand had only planned on dropping the potent pre-workout in two tastes, although news this week is that it will have double that in a total of four with the originals Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Banana, coming alongside Cherry Lemonade and Maui Punch.

Again, Like A Pro Supplements is officially releasing its 9 Volt high-stimulant pre-workout this coming Thursday, so in two days at 7PM Eastern Time, over on in tubs of 30 servings priced at $57.99, which works out to $38.66 if you’re judging its 20 serving value.

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