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Lohilo puts swirls of passionfruit and peach in vanilla ice cream for its latest frozen creation

Lohilo Exotic Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo is the innovative Swedish company behind our favorite protein snack with its ice cream on a stick, but that is just the tip of its selection; it makes several other delicious, better-for-you creations, including large pints of protein-packed ice cream in an incredible amount of flavors. The functional innovator has been pretty consistent throughout the years adding new tastes to the menu of its 350ml pots of frozen deliciousness, and this week, it is at it again with something for the sweeter and fruitier side of life.

Joining the menu of the Lohilo protein ice cream, already offering mouthwatering creations like the cookie dough, chunk-filled Cookie Dough, and Slacker with chocolate and caramel sauce streaks throughout, is Exotic. The name of the recipe is not overly specific, but there is an official description in a vanilla ice cream swirled with sweet passionfruit and peach sauce. The product is out now in Sweden, and you can expect the usual nutrition balance for Lohilo ice cream with 18g of protein in an entire box, 28g of carbohydrates with only 12g of that sugar, 7.2g of fat, and a calorie count of 254.

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