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Finland’s M Nutrition takes a two-pronged approach to the hydration space

M Nutrition Electrolytes

Interest in the category of hydration supplementation has grown to the extent that we’re seeing sports nutrition brands adding that to their selection for use during your workout or general exercise as opposed to the classic amino cocktail of BCAAs, EAAs, and electrolytes. M Nutrition in Finland has joined in on that action and introduced a dedicated hydration product simply named Electrolytes, and it has a hybrid spin-off for those who want hydration and weight loss support with Boost Electrolytes.

M Nutrition’s Electrolytes and Boost Electrolytes both feature the ingredient in the title, electrolytes; however, the balance each of them possesses is not identical. The regular Electrolytes has a much more robust selection of minerals to provide 400mg of sodium, 200mg of potassium, 220mg of calcium, and 200mg of magnesium. All of that comes from the likes of watermelon, cherry, and coconut water powder; then, for Boost Electrolytes, you get a lighter blend of electrolytes but more for something else.

Boost Electrolytes from M Nutrition doesn’t have the variety of minerals that you get in the regular Electrolytes, with 58mg of magnesium and 109mg of sodium. Alongside all of that, to give the supplement that “Boost” and turn it into a hybrid offering is B vitamins, the reliable antioxidant vitamin C, 400mg of green tea, and 100mg of guarana for extra energy and the promised weight management support.

Interestingly, the prices on M Nutrition’s Electrolytes and Boost Electrolytes aren’t what you’d expect, as typically, when you have a standard and advanced counterpart, the latter is more expensive. In this case, the Finnish brand charges more for Electrolytes, although, to be fair, a lot is taken out for Boost. The specialized hydration supplement comes at a cost of €17.49 in Blue Raspberry and Lime flavors, while Boost Electrolytes sits a little below that at €15.99 in Berry Lime and a unique Green Tea Lemon.