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Monster creates an eye-catching Bad Apple flavor for its Juiced energy drink

Monster Juiced Bad Apple

The Monster Juice family of energy drinks is the beverage giant’s more refreshing selection of flavors that pairs a caffeinated formula with actual fruit juice for a sweet and on-point experience. The series includes the likes of Pipeline Punch, Khaotic, Aussie Lemonade, and the most recent release, Rio Punch Monster Juice, which mixes papaya, vanilla, and blackcurrant. In the UK, the selection of flavors for Monster Juice, or over there it’s Monster Juiced, is expanding with a completely new creation.

Monster Juiced Bad Apple is rolling out to stores and stockists across the United Kingdom, and like some of the other Juiced options, it has an eye-catching label design, although this one manages to pop even more. It is covered in an unmissable illustration of a woman holding an apple, of course, playing into the name Bad Apple. As for the taste, it is indeed an apple-based experience, described as a refreshing and crisp apple flavor, very different from the rest of the Monster Juiced menu.

The UK side of the energy drink behemoth has said its flavor extensions, specifically for the Monster Juiced line of beverages, tend to be its top-performing drops, so it makes perfect sense that Monster focuses on that, and really seems to have taken it up a notch with the look of this one. Monster Juiced Bad Apple is making its way to stores this month and will join the few other juicy flavors on the market in the region, like Pacific Punch, Monarch, and the tropical punch recipe, Mixxd.