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Myprotein puts practically the same formula in its main Origin Pre-Workout as the Dry Scoop edition

Myprotein Origin Pre-Workout

The Origin Dry Scoop Pre-Workout is one of three supplements under Myprotein’s all-new Origin Series, with the star of the show being the simply named Origin Pre-Workout. Unlike Origin Dry Scoop, the line titled product is designed to be used more traditionally, mixed with water and drink as usual, instead of dry scoop and letting it melt in your mouth. Interestingly enough, the ingredients and dosages in this one are practically identical to that of Origin Dry Scoop.

Again, like Myprotein’s Origin Pre-Workout — designed to be dry scooped, where you put it in your mouth and it melts away — the flagship Origin Pre-Workout has all of the same main ingredients, and the dosages are pretty much exactly the same. Driving the experience is 8g of citrulline malate and 4g of arginine for pumps, 300mg of caffeine for energy, 250mg of theanine, and lastly, the ever-present beta-alanine at 3.5g a serving to support performance.

There is very little difference between that formula and what you get in Origin Dry Scoop, with the same amount of citrulline malate and arginine, 6mg less caffeine than what’s in the flagship Origin Pre-Workout, and the theanine and beta-alanine are also marginally off. Based on that, you’ll likely get the same or similar experience in the gym with energy, performance, and pumps, although the options are more welcoming as there isn’t just one flavor.

Myprotein’s Origin Pre-Workout is available in four different tastes in Blue Raspberry Fizz, Orange Mango Soda, Sour Apples, and the candy-like Strawberry Laces, a lot more than Origin Dry Scoop Pre-Workout’s lone Sour Apples. You also get a lot more servings in the regular scoop-and-mix-supplement with 30 full-on workouts compared to the nine maximum servings in the Dry Scoop edition, and the price works out to be much more cost-effective at £28.99 (37.16 USD).