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Myprotein makes a straightforward pre-workout designed specifically to be dry-scooped

Myprotein Origin Dry Scoop Pre Workout

Alongside Myprotein’s recent rebrand, it has revealed and released an intriguing new pre-workout by the name of Origin Dry Scoop. Ingredient and dosage-wise, it is relatively straightforward, not featuring anything we haven’t seen before not at any amount you’d consider too over the top. The supplement is formulated to support pumps, performance, and energy, and it also has an interesting delivery system that allows fans to consume the product outside of the usual mixing with water in a shaker.

Myprotein Origin Dry Scoop pre-workout packs 4g of citrulline malate in a single serving or 8g if you double up for its maximum amount to improve and enhance muscle pumps. Joining the 8g of citrulline malate in the supplement’s top serving is 3.6g of beta-alanine powering performance, 4g of arginine AKG, 240mg of theanine, and a specific amount of caffeine that falls just under the 300 mark at 296mg.

Again, the formula is relatively straightforward, with one or two ingredients supporting each of the supplement’s benefits, although there is an intriguing twist to the way you take Myprotein’s Origin Dry Scoop pre-workout. The international giant has designed this specifically to be dry scooped, where you simply throw it in your mouth, like Ballistic Labs Dry Scoop and Sway’s Sheeshh. Origin Dry Scoop has been produced with a fast-melt component, allowing it to be consumed in that alternative manner.

Myprotein Origin Dry Scoop is available for purchase straight from its primary online store at, and as you’d imagine, with that simple five-ingredient formula, the price does not break the bank. The supplement carries a cost of £18.99 (24.36 USD), and that is for a bottle of 18 servings or a trial size like nine if you double up for that maximum experience. There is also only one flavor to choose from at the moment in Sour Apples.

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