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Raw is going from pre-workout RTDs to protein with 30g a bottle and a lean 160 calories

Raw Protein Shake

Raw Nutrition is a strong competitor in the ready-to-drink space, having an established presence in the pre-workout category, specifically, with its well-rounded Thavage RTD and the stimulant-free pump-powering Essential Pump RTD. The reputable sports nutrition brand, co-owned by the hugely popular Chris Bumstead, is about to add another convenient offering to its selection by way of the other common sports nutrition drink in a protein RTD.

Despite having a familiar entry in the protein powder space with Itholate, Raw Nutrition has gone for a more straightforward title for this with the Raw Protein Shake. It will, of course, fulfill all of the needs a protein RTD should, providing a lean 30g of protein in a typical 12oz resealable bottle from high-quality grass-fed whey, and the other major macros — carbohydrates, sugar, and fat — remain nice and low for a solid calorie count of 160.

Raw Nutrition is planning to drop the Raw Protein Shake very soon, and while it is its first product for that category and in that format it is not holding back on flavors. The reputable brand is bringing the protein RTD to market in four options with the classics Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Milkshake, as well as Mocha Latte and Salted Caramel, all of which we have to imagine are on point based on the level of taste in Itholate and its pre-workout drinks.

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