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Savas adds chocolate to the menu of its milk and soy-powered protein shake

Savas Milk Chocolate Milk Protein Soy

Health and nutrition brand Savas, prominently and widely available in Japan, provides a strong selection of protein products, and not just in the traditional powder powder but in convenient beverage format too, including the likes of Milk Protein + Soy Shake. That product is as obvious as it sounds, with a drink combining milk protein and soy protein, together providing a moderate 12g of protein in a compact carton, and to make it a bit more complete, there are added vitamins for general health and wellness.

It’s a little tricky to figure out exactly, but it appears as though Savas only had at least one flavor available previously for its Milk Protein + Soy Shake in a classic coffee. This month the brand is expanding that menu to include something sweeter by way of Milk Chocolate. As mentioned, the brand already has plenty of protein beverages on the market for various lifestyles and diets, and more flavors simply broaden the potential audience for each of them, with Milk Protein + Soy getting that treatment this time around.

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