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Sneak unveils its Soda Series made up of Cola, Limeade and Root Beer

Sneak Soda

Sneak, over in the UK, has announced a fresh new flavor series, similar to its Sneak Shake line in terms of uniqueness, but not to the extent that you need to specifically mix it with milk to get the complete experience. Sneak Soda is the newest innovation from the ever-creative company, and it is another intriguing effort with a collection of three completely new flavors, two of them are officially branded and labeled as a part of the Sneak Soda family, but all of them offer a very different sort of taste next to the rest of the menu.

The complete Sneak Soda collection consists of a classic Cola flavor of the gaming supplement company’s signature Sneak Energy product, and then you have the two alternatively branded Sneak Soda options with significantly fewer servings than fans usually get in Limeade and Root Beer. While a regular tub of Sneak’s energy and focus-fueling supplement has 40 servings, which is what you get inside the Cola Sneak Energy, the somewhat separate Sneak Soda’s Limeade and Root Beer are less than half that at 15 a bottle.

The Sneak Soda family is another excellent outing from the UK-based brand and it is dropping next week on Thursday through for the US, UK, and Europe and it looks like fans will get the chance to grab the whole collection in a special edition bundle that comes with a matching Sneak Soda shaker.

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