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Facebook and Instagram are completely down but the news will keep coming at

Social Media Outage March 24

If you’re following Stack3d on either of the major social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, where we reshare all of the content that goes live here at, you might have a bit of trouble keeping up today. There are reports all over the place of the company’s services being completely shut out. People have been logged out of all areas connected to Facebook and Instagram, meaning we can’t get content through to those systems, nor can people read and receive it.

Fortunately, and has always been the case here at Stack3d, all of your daily supplement, functional food, and energy drink news will continue to go live through, and some of the other social media platforms we utilize like Linkedin. Meta will undoubtedly have Facebook and Instagram back up and running at some point, but we have yet to see any notifications, updates, or timeframes of any kind, and it is a significant outage stopping Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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