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Supplement Needs is bringing one hell of a pre-workout to the UK Arnold Sports Festival

Supplement Needs Pr3

Years ago, Supplement Needs finally came into the highly competitive world of pre-workouts with Pre Focus Pump, which was basically the combination of its three separate pre-workout products in Pre, Focus, and Pump, and it did indeed bring together everything in each of those. The retailer and reputable brand simply rolled it all together into the one limited time, powerhouse supplement, and in a couple of weeks that pre-workout is returning as Supplement Needs PR3 but with some extra juice to its already loaded formula.

At this year’s Arnold Sports Festival in the UK, taking place precisely two weeks from this weekend’s one in Columbus, Ohio, Supplement Needs is launching PR3, and fans of that original in-house collaboration of sorts, Pre Focus Pump, are going to be extremely excited about it. The returning powerhouse pre-workout is actually going to have absolutely everything from that first stacked product, and we mean everything, from its 6g of citrulline and 2g of betaine through 200mg of mucuna pruriens and 300mg of pomegranate.

Supplement Needs Pr3 Label

Of course, being the brand that it is, Supplement Needs has juiced things up for its latest effort, with PR3 having a few components in the mix that weren’t a part of that three-in-one original. In addition to everything from Pre Focus Pump, the upcoming Arnold Sports Festival UK pre-workout has a bunch of new stimulants in the mix by way of juglans regia, kigelia africana, enXtra, NeuroPEA, and theacrine. Those extras will undoubtedly make for a more intense stimulant side of PR3, and you still get the same amount of caffeine as Pre Focus Pump with 200mg of PurCaf natural caffeine.

Overall, Supplement Needs PR3 is going to be one hell of a ride that we definitely want to get on, and is one of the most stacked products we’ve seen in a while. PR3 is also an intricate pre-workout, with the brand not going after an over-the-top serving size; instead, it’s clearly sticking to a carefully selected set of ingredients that should have no trouble powering pumps, performance, and most definitely energy and focus. Again, the supplement stacked with 30 key ingredients is dropping in two weeks at the UK’s Arnold Sports Festival.