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Switch makes a version of its hydration supplement that swaps the carbs for CoffeeBerry

Switch Nutrtion Hydrate Switch

To start the year, the Australian brand Switch Nutrition got into the world of hydration supplements by way of something called Hydrate+ Switch. The product has an interesting approach as it does indeed revolve around a key blend of electrolytes, but it also has a good amount of endurance-fueling carbohydrates. The infusion of the carbs makes it into somewhat of an intra-workout, although the brand has gone ahead and dropped an alternative this month simply named Hydrate Switch.

Switch Nutrition’s Hydrate Switch is similarly named to Hydrate+ Switch, it just doesn’t have the plus symbol, but the two differ far beyond that, deep into the formula. Both Hydrate and Hydrate+ rely on the same core blend of electrolytes, or roughly the same balance, to support and improve hydration and performance. Hydrate Switch, however, does not have any carbohydrates like Hydrate+ Switch; instead, the brand has packed it with B vitamins and CoffeeBerry for caffeine-free energy.

Hydrate Switch is essentially a more traditional hydration supplement, and with the carbohydrates not in the mix, the serving size is a lot lower at 6g each rather than 30. That compact volume has allowed Switch Nutrition to put the carbless product into bulk tubs as well as stick packs, giving fans the ability to choose one way or the other. Both of the options are available through the brand’s online store at the same exact price of $49.95 (33.04 USD), in the same three flavors of Lemon Lime, Kiwi Watermelon, and Orange Crush, although you get 25 servings in the bulk tub and 20 servings in the box of stick packs.