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Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Training Boots go live today at $199 a pair in eight colorways

Where To Buy Ronnie Coleman Training Boots

The Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots are a collaboration between the technological shoe company Techlete and the legendary eight-time Mr. Olympia Champion, Ronnie Coleman. The two got together and have been developing a pair of training shoes for an extensive two years, and they incorporate many of the features Coleman himself wanted. The shoes or boots have many comfort-focused highlights, and they are high-top work boots, similar to those that Ronnie Coleman used to work out and set records in.

The Techlete and Ronnie Coleman collaboration is about to become available for pre-order; in fact, today is the live date for pre-ordering, and the news we’ve got to share right before that all happens is this isn’t a single color drop. The brands involved in the partnership have revealed that despite the Signature Boots being previewed in a lone black colorway, there will be several options to choose from, eight it seems, in black, white, army green, royal blue, orange, red, grey, and pink with green and blue accents.

The price of the training boots from Techlete and heavily designed, influenced, and marketed by Ronnie Coleman himself, is on the premium side at $199 a pair. If you got in early and registered your interest, you will be able to get that 20% discount, dropping the product to $159. Worldwide shipping is available so no matter where you are, you will be able to place an order and get yourself training in Ronnie’s Signature Boots.