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UnbelievaBuns brings its protein-packed recipe to traditional hoagie rolls


The traditional round and long bread buns are UnbelievaBuns’ most notable and flagship products, but it does have a few other items in its catalog, including a nutless version of its protein-packed bread buns as well as a loaf of bread with that same approach to clean nutrition. The innovative functional food company that specializes in bread-style offerings has introduced another addition to its line this month, which its growing fanbase voiced demand for.

UnbelievaBuns recently ran a poll with its newsletter subscribers, asking them if they’d like to see its high-protein and low-carbohydrate recipe applied to hoagies or sub rolls. Unsurprisingly, with many people always excited for something new, especially when it’s similar to something they already know and love, the brand has gone ahead and created that product, and you can now purchase it directly through its online store at $10 for a bag of four.

The all-new UnbelievaBuns’ hoagie rolls, or UnbelievaHoagies, have a similar sort of nutrition balance to the original round buns, but being the format they are, their overall size is a bit larger at 92g a piece. That is certainly not a bad thing; it simply amplifies the already great mix of macros UnbelievaBuns is known for with a sizeable 28g of protein per roll, an incredibly impressive 3g of net carbohydrates, and the same promise of traditionally soft bread-like consistency.