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Pre-orders go live for HR Labs’ comprehensive stimulantless pre-workout Blow Up

Where To Buy Hr Labs Blow Up

Blow Up is the stimulant-free pre-workout competitor from the reputable UK powerhouse HR Labs, known for putting together potent supplements in many popular and more specialized categories throughout sports nutrition. The product had its complete formula shared a little more than a month ago, and it is very much a complete stimulantless pre-workout, and by that, we mean it has ingredients for all of your core benefits minus energy which is typically powered by caffeine and other stimulants.

HR Labs drives Blow up with a full and effective dose of Nitrosigine at 1.5g a serving and 300mg of pine bark to power muscle pumps, a solid 3g of tyrosine, and 350mg of uridine for focus and cognition, pink Himalayan salt for hydration, and premium Peak ATP for performance. After having all of the formula specifics shared last month, fans of HR Labs can now begin pre-ordering Blow Up directly through its online store at at a reasonable £34.99 (44.30 USD) for a tub of 20 maximum servings.

Blow Up’s current status is pre-order but it won’t be that case for much longer, as it is shipping after Easter weekend, so Tuesday of next week. Essentially, if you pre-order this Thursday, it’ll be processed as quickly as any other purchase, and that goes for its complete three-piece menu of Iced Blue Slush, Super-Colour Sweeties, and Red Kola.

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