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Zombie more than doubles the size of its creatine for an even more competitive 1kg tub

Zombie Labs 1kg Creatine

Our Newcomer Of The Year winner, Zombie Labs, out of Australia, released an unflavored standalone Creatine last year on its way to winning our prestigious award, and it wasn’t an overly small competitor either. The supplement tips the scales at a hefty 405, and while it says 135 servings on that outside, that is based on a 3g dose. The product is entirely creatine monohydrate, so if you want that typical 5g of creatine per serving, you still get plenty out of it at 81 servings.

Zombie Labs has just one-upped itself this week with the launch of a second size of its cost-competitive Creatine, and it hasn’t gone smaller. Now available alongside that original 405g offering is a more than double-sized 1kg bottle, working out to 333 servings at that 3g dose or a huge 200 at the full 5g of creatine a serving. As with any upsize, the larger Zombie Creatine does save you money, and in this case, it’s about 19% cheaper or flip it, and the 405g is 23% more expensive.

You can purchase Zombie Labs more than half a year’s supply of creatine — when taken at 5g a day — directly through its online store at $89.95 (58.64 USD), versus the original’s $44.95 (29.30 USD), and it is completely unflavored, giving fans the ability to throw it in with their protein shake or pre-workout.

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