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Premium PeakO2 and Berberine HCl further expand AllMax’s Essentials Series

Allmax Nutrition Peako2 And Berberine

AllMax Nutrition’s Essentials Series is a vast collection of simple, straightforward, and mostly standalone supplements, and the legacy sports nutrition brand adds to it frequently, with Longjack Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis coming in just the last few months. Basic products like those in the Essentials Series are a great way to fill gaps and holes in your monthly stack, as well as add an ingredient you may not have got in your complex fat burner, testosterone booster, or other health and wellness supplement.

PeakO2 and Berberine HCl have joined AllMax Nutrition’s extensive straightforward selection this month, both named after their one and only ingredient. PeakO2 comes in unflavored powder format with 100g a bottle, giving you 50 servings at its performance and endurance-supporting dose of 2g, but you can divide that how you like to 100 servings at a gram or even 33 at 3g. As for the glucose uptake and metabolic-enhancing Berberine HCl, that has half a gram of berberine in each of its 30 capsules.

AllMax Nutrition’s PeakO2 and Berberine HCl will be making their way into all of the usual stores and stockists, although you can also purchase either or both of the products directly through Straight from the Canadian brand, PeakO2 will cost you $19.99, very reasonable for the ability to add PeakO2 into your stack wherever you need, and Berberine HCl is slightly less at $14.99.