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Alpha Brain finds its way into Target and is available in 30 and 60 capsule bottles

Alpha Brain At Target

In 2023, we saw the hugely popular supplement company Onnit begin offering a selection of its lineup to Walmart shoppers, putting together two special edition trial sizes, one each of two versions of its signature nootropic product, Alpha Brain. Those items included a 14-capsule box of the regular Alpha Brain, which is a week’s worth at its directed two capsules per serving, and the other was a seven-stick pack box of Alpha Brain Instant, the flavored version of the focus and cognition supplement.

Onnit has now made its way into another major supermarket in Target, and similar to its dive into Walmart, the brand has launched its nootropic product, Alpha Brain, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages you get in the 30 and 90-capsule bottles at The supplement company has actually put that 30-count Alpha Brain on shelves at Target, as well as one that falls in between the 30 and 90 in a 60 capsule, providing 30 complete servings and, of course, it’s more cost-effective than the 30.

The prices of the two sizes of Alpha Brain Onnit has thrown onto shelves in Target are better than those in its own online store, where that bottle of 30 capsules or 15 servings is $34.95 on but is $29.99 in the major retailer. The 60 count is slightly less than two of those at $49.99, which is stronger value and it beasts out the full-size 90-capsule Alpha Brain on the brand’s website at $79.95.

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