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Arsenal Prime Hydration Drink hits the UK and features an all-new mixed berry flavor

Arsenal Goalberry Prime Hydration Drink

The number of partnerships, sponsorships, and every other deal Prime has announced over the last couple of years has been significant, to say the least, becoming the official sports drink of the UFC as well as the WWE and the legendary Arsenal football team. That Arsenal partnership has led to a lot more than the sports drink title, as the team at Prime has gone ahead and further cemented that collaboration by putting together a special edition Arsenal flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink.

The Arsenal Prime Hydration Drink has launched exclusively in the UK, which is where the football team is located, and this is not a reskin either, as the extension has a more specific name in Goalberry. The Arsenal or Goalberry Prime Hydration Drink is officially described as a Mixed Berry flavor, a familiar and refreshing fruity experience, separate from anything else the hydration-supporting beverage already has to choose from, like Tropical Punch and the sour apple berry Glowberry.

The Arsenal Prime Hydration Drink or again, the Goalberry Prime Hydration Drink, has fittingly made its debut in the UK, and is showing up at select locations of the discount retailer Home Bargains. We’re not sure if this product will expand into other markets like the US or Australia, as Arsenal and the sport of football certainly resonate more in that area. It’s also not out of character for Prime to make a flavor or special edition exclusive to a certain part of the world, as it has done it before.