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Barebells’ next new protein bar looks like it’ll be half of one flavor and half of another

Barebells Two Flavored Protein Bar

Barebells has let out a bit of a clue as to what we’re in for regarding its next all-new protein bar, and considering how well it’s delivered in the many different flavors it’s done over the years and the various formats and products it’s dropped, it is likely to be another delicious innovation. The clue the Swedish functional specialist has shared shows off a protein snack in the classic bar format that appears to be branded in two ways: one half themed around one flavor and the other half around another.

The next new Barebells protein bar is kind of looking like one of the two possibilities we suspected in a blend of two of the brand’s already available protein snacks. Judging by the teaser image that’s out there, it seems like it’ll be a pack of two separate half-sized bars, each in a different flavor, or potentially, a regular full-size bar with different flavors in each half. Either would be extremely interesting to see, although the brand has experience in the two half-size pieces from the discontinued Double Bite.

Barebells is expected to completely unveil its exciting protein bar innovation within the next couple of days, and keep in mind, this is something from the brand’s home country of Sweden, so there is a chance that it doesn’t hit shelves in the US, UK, or any other major market, at least right out of the gate.

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