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Black Market puts a premium price tag on its hybrid fat-burning protein powder

Black Market Cuts Protein

Black Market’s first-ever protein powder has debuted this week following last week’s preview and confirmation of the supplement, Cuts Protein. The product is an extension of one of the original underground brand’s two long-running pre-workouts in Bulk and Cuts, the latter being the inspiration behind Cuts Protein. Similar to the pre-workout, the spin-off features a hybrid approach, although, of course, as per the name, it is a blend of weight loss support and protein powder.

Cuts Protein from Black Market is relatively straightforward despite having that two-category approach behind the scenes. For the purpose of protein powder, the brand utilizes premium whey isolate to provide a solid 25g of protein per serving, under a gram of carbohydrates, no fat or sugar, and a lean 110 calories. Then, for the fat-burning side of the supplement, you get 1.6mg of chromium picolinate and half a gram of the common weight loss and metabolism-enhancing component carnitine tartrate.

The product certainly fills the needs of a protein powder, with touches of fat loss support, not a huge amount, but it does see Black Market follow through on the hybrid promise. The brand has given its protein powder debut a relatively premium price of $29.99, which isn’t too bad; however, it doesn’t have the typical amount of servings. Cuts Protein comes in a small 445g tub with 15 servings, far from the common 2lber (908g) with 30 servings, so it does cost a fair bit extra for the added benefit.