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Colorful Chaos Crew is getting into protein bars with four mouthwatering chocolate flavors

Chaos Crew Protein Bar

The colorful team at Chaos Crew has branched out into all sorts of categories, all of them centered around typical sports nutrition, such as pre-workout, muscle building, testosterone boosting, weight loss, and general health and wellness. In Europe, it is quite common for supplement companies to off functional foods, and while the UK’s Chaos Crew doesn’t go that deep just yet, that is about to change with details coming in this week of the simply named Chaos Crew Protein Bar.

Full details of the entirely new Chaos Crew Protein Bar have yet to be shared, but a preview has been posted, giving us a pretty good idea of what it’ll be about in terms of highlights. The typical amount of protein for a bar is the classic 20g, and Chaos Crew gets right around that, coming in at 17 to 19g, depending on the flavor, and 209 to 225 calories. The sugar remains nice and low, as you’d expect coming from a sports nutrition brand and there will be four candy bar-style flavors.

The tasty options fans of Chaos Crew are going to have to choose for the upcoming protein snack are all chocolate-based, which you can tell by the names in Chocolate Milky Delight, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Caramel, and Chocolate Lemon. The brand is rolling out the product and its rather extensive menu in the very near future, and with its strong presence across its local UK market, you’ll be seeing the Chaos Crew Protein Bar in many places, including

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