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Hydrate Or Die set to the UK’s Combat Fuel into the fast-growing hydration category

Combat Fuel Unveils Hydrate Or Die

The hydration space was getting bigger by the month, and now it’s expanding week after week, with sports nutrition companies getting into the category and brands that all about hydration and performance are making their debut. While several established names have put their stamp on the area of the industry, there are still many that haven’t taken the time to craft a dedicated hydration supplement, including Combat Fuel, although, in the coming weeks, that is all going to change with Hydrate Or Die.

Hydrate Or Die is Combat Fuel’s upcoming hydration product, and while we haven’t got a complete look at what’s under the hood, we know the UK-based brand well enough that this won’t fall short in any specific area. Combat Fuel is well versed in reliable and effective formulas for the world of sports nutrition, and in Hydrate Or Die, it is turning its attention specifically to the purpose of hydration, bringing together a quality set of electrolyte sources with PerforMelon watermelon powder being one of them.

The only other detail we know about Combat Fuel’s hydration supplement Hydrate Or Die is it’s launching in two flavors, Strawberry Lime and Mango Dragonfruit. Again, the brand is expected to roll out the entirely new product in the very near future, with the complete facts panel potentially coming before that debut, to let fans know exactly what they’re in for and how comprehensive the hydration support will be.