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Special edition Souls 4 Sale pre-workout is back again next month for another occasion

Condemned Labz Last Fiesta Souls 4 Sale

Souls 4 Sale is Condemned Labz’ eye-catching, alternatively branded stimulant pre-workout, featuring its own individual combination of ingredients and dosages. The hardcore supplement company originally brought out the product for Halloween in a flavor called Witches Brew, although that wasn’t the end of the limited edition item. Condemned went on to announce that Souls 4 Sale would be returning several times here in 2024 for special occasions, and that included Valentine’s Day in a Strawberry flavor.

Next month, Condemned Labz is bringing back its Souls 4 Sale pre-workout once again, and it is going to be for another celebration in Cinco de Mayo. The upcoming product will have its own unique label design, as seen in Witches Brew and Strawberry, and the flavor for this one will be The Last Fiesta, a sweet and refreshing pineapple mandarina recipe. Condemned hasn’t set a launch date for the third Souls 4 Sale entry, only saying it’ll be here sometime next month, so keep an eye out on its website and retail partners.