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Enhanced Labs carries its Beef & Egg Protein concept into its rebirth as Primal Protein

Enhanced Labs Primal Protein

Enhanced Labs has been non-stop over the past week, revealing and releasing several completely new supplements under its incredibly eye-catching new look, and here in this post, we’re highlighting yet another introduction to the catalog with Primal Protein. This product is similar to the brand’s other innovation, iO Premium Whey, in that it’s a competitor for the protein powder category, although Primal Protein has its own point of difference; in fact, it’s one fans will be familiar with.

Enhanced Labs Primal Protein is actually very similar to its own 2022-launched Beef & Egg Protein, as it too relies on beef and egg as its sources of protein. In each serving of the supplement you get 27g of protein from Prinova’s premium HydroBeef hydrolyzed beef collagen and egg protein isolate. The quality sources of protein sit alongside entirely non-existent numbers for the other macronutrients, with no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, leading to a lean and low-calorie count of 125.

Primal Protein is an alternative to Enhanced Labs’ powerhouse and superior ingredient-optimized iO Premium Whey, with a protein supplement that doesn’t rely on traditional whey at any point. The beef and egg-backed product actually carries a more premium price tag compared to the ioWhey competitor at $59.99 versus $55.99. That gets you a full-size bottle of 20 servings, the same was iO Premium Whey, each providing that heightened 27g of protein in a Peanut Butter Cookie flavor.