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Wafer-style FitCrunch snack goes into Sam’s Club and Costco in an exclusive 18-bar box

Fitcrunch Wafer At Sams Club And Costco

The FitCrunch Wafer is the most recent completely new protein snack from Robert Irvine’s functional food specialist FitCrunch, and it is delicious despite coming in that typically dry and not usually enjoyable crispy wafer format. The product hit the market at the end of last year, featuring crunchy wafers, layers of smooth peanut butter, crispy pieces all across the top, and covered in decadent chocolate. Alongside all of that tastiness, FitCrunch squeezes in 16g of protein, just 3g of sugar, and a reasonable 240 calories.

FitCrunch still only has the one flavor available for the FitCrunch Wafer in Peanut Butter, but now there is a more cost-effective way to get your hands on it, and we can not stress enough the “cost-effective” part. The brand has launched its wafer-style protein bar at the membership retailers Sam’s Club and Costco in an exclusive 18-bar box. That is double what you get in the standard nine-piece pack on FitCrunch’s website, and the overall cost barely moves, with Costco selling the bundle at $22.79, which is $1.26 a piece.

Basically, heading to Sam’s Club and Costco can get you the FitCrunch Wafer protein bar at half price as the exclusive option has twice the bars and roughly the same price. It’s an incredibly good deal, even more so if you’re already buying the product on a regular basis, and again the 18-count is exclusive to those two membership retailers.