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Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime gets in on the fun of April Fools with a Fried Chicken flavor

Fried Chicken Prime Hydration Drink

The day is just getting started when it comes to the endlessly entertaining April Fools’ Day Pranks, and you’ll be quickly learning the whole day isn’t limited to just small and moderate sized companies. Big names are getting in on the fun as well, including Logan Paul and KSI’s hydration giant Prime, with something that we’re relatively sure its fanbase wouldn’t say no to. The creative team at Prime has pieced together a special edition Fried Chicken flavor of its signature Prime Hydration Drink.

Logan Paul has announced the intriguing Fried Chicken-tasting sports drink alongside a bucket of fried chicken branded similarly to the legendary KFC, although in place of the iconic line drawing of Colonel Sanders, Prime has done a similar illustration of Logan. The brand has gone all in on the concept and not really hinted at it being a joke; however, we are most going along with the assumption that the Fried Chicken Prime Hydration Drink is a prank but would still give it a try if it were real.

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