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After two-and-a-half years Happy Way is discontinuing and clearing out its pre-workout

Happy Way Discontinues Charge Up Pre Workout

Almost three years ago, the health and wellness brand down under in Australia, Happy Way, ventured into the highly competitive pre-workout category with a supplement named Charge Up. Happy Way is most definitely a mainstream-level company, and that is reflected in the formula behind Charge Up, as it is far from advanced. It brings together a variety of vitamins and minerals, a low dose of BCAAs at 980mg, glutamine, arginine, half a gram of carnitine, and other combination of green tea, guarana, and green coffee for a light 51mg of caffeine.

Happy Way has announced an update to its Charge Up pre-workout, although it’s not something regular users of the supplements will want to hear. The product is being discontinued, in all five of its flavors with Dragon Fruit, Green Apple, Pineapple, Watermelon, and Mango. The silver lining is that to clear out all remaining stock of Charge Up, Happy Way is heavily discounting the pre-workout, dropping it from its usual $69.95 by 60% all the way down to $27.98 (18.17 USD), giving fans of the supplement a chance to stock up before it’s gone.