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Infinis stacks its nootropic with almost 20 main ingredients and more than half are premium

Infinis Brain Details

Infinis Nutrition has unveiled its fourth supplement, the one previewed earlier in the week, with the premium and absolutely stacked nootropic Infinis Brain. As promised, the brand has stacked the product as intensely as its original Ultra Pre-Workout and Ultra Greens, as well as its hydration and performance-powering Infinis Hydration. The supplement is a lot more than your typical uplifting energy and focus blend; it is significantly more comprehensive, reaching into and supporting every area of brain function.

Infinis Brain has a laundry list of ingredients behind it, which fans of the growing brand will know is the case in its other supplements; in fact, that loaded kitchen sink approach is what Infinis Nutrition has been building its name around. We’ve got the completely transparent facts panel for the nootropic in the image below, showing how deadly serious the brand is when it comes to absolutely stacking a product with close to 20 different ingredients, and more than half of those are premium and proven components.

Infinis Brain Label

The formula powering Infinis Brain comes with a ridiculous number of highlights, including the increasingly popular Cognizin at 250mg for focus and cognition, CELLg8 branded quercetin, Brain Factor 7 for its memory and learning benefits, and the straight-out mental performance ingredient Nutricog at 300mg. The list most certainly doesn’t end there, with Infinis Nutrition squeezing in numerous other features, including standard entries like uridine, huperzine A, saffron, PQQ, and half a gram of lion’s mane.

Infinis Nutrition has crafted one hell of a nootropic supplement in Infinis Brain, fulfilling the common areas of focus, cognition, alertness, attention, and concentration support, as well as going deeper into the specialized category and offering more long-term benefits like improved memory and overall brain function and health.

Infinis Nutrition is going to keep the action and excitement rolling, as despite only recently releasing its hydration supplement, Infinis Brain is indeed going live and becoming available for purchase directly through the brand’s website early next week. We imagine the cost of this one landing similar to Ultra Pre-Workout and Ultra Greens between 50 and $60, especially since it has that never-before-seen number of premium ingredients for a nootropic, and you get a full four weeks’ supply with a total of 28 servings.