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Mucki tackles the protein RTD market with one of the most unique approaches we’ve seen

Introducing Mucki Protein Shakes

Mucki is one of the more interesting sports nutrition brands we came across at this year’s health and fitness extravaganza FIBO in Cologne, Germany. It immediately caught our attention with its colorful and fun branding but maintained our attention with the format of its signature product and how it all comes together. Mucki is a ready-to-drink protein specialist which currently makes five different beverages, and what makes them interesting is that they’re all completely different.

The Mucki selection of premixed protein shakes utilizes a different source of protein and approach to taste and texture from product to product. They all come in only one flavor, suited to each item’s individual concept. There is a traditional Whey Protein in a passionfruit and mango taste with 40g of protein per shake primarily from whey, and alongside that is 22.5g of carbohydrates, almost all of that is sugar, a gram of fat, and relatively high calorie count of 265.

Mucki Protein Shakes

Filling out the rest of the Mucki protein shake catalog is the plant-based Plant Protein with 32g of protein a bottle in chocolate flavor and Energy Protein combining 40g of protein from whey with guarana and green tea for caffeine in a pineapple guava flavor. The remaining two are Mucki’s strawberry and raspberry Yogurt Protein, made primarily from yogurt, and the most intriguing option, Protein Ayran, is inspired by the traditional Turkish beverage made with yogurt, salt, and water, but here you get a high protein twist with 32g in a 500ml bottle and that signature salty taste.

To top off the already unique selection of protein shakes, which we can assure you is unlike any other line of competitors in protein RTDs, they’re all reinforced with added amino acids, specifically something called Amineo and Veganeo in Plant Protein. The brand has also done a great job making its shakes available in several convenient locations across its home country of Germany, including major retailers like Rewe and COOP, as well as the supermarkets ADEGm, MPreis, and Billa.

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