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April Fools’ Day sees Lenny & Larry’s formulate a shot to boost glute pumps by 50%

Lenny Larrys Glute Boost

Lenny & Larry’s has gone into a whole different format for its April Fools’ Day prank and actually had us going for a bit when we read the highlight of BCAAs and pure citrulline, but we started seeing through it all with the callout of high-protein all in a compact 2oz shot. Glute Boost is the concept the functional food company has cooked up for the annual day of jokes and pranks, designed to greatly enhance your glute pump in the gym and, at the same time, support muscle building and recovery by way of protein.

Glute Boost from Lenny & Larry’s, most famous for their protein-packed Complete Cookie, brings together BCAAs for recovery, muscle pump-supporting pure citrulline, and finally, a solid amount of protein at 14g. All of that is said to come packaged in a 2oz shot bottle in the one Pineapple Guava flavor, but rest assured, this is indeed another well-put-together April Fools’ Day prank. Similar to MuscleTech and Quest Nutrition, Lenny & Larry’s is rewarding you for getting in on the entertaining side of the day and offering 20% off its deliciously crumbly Cookie-Fied Big Protein Bar, aptly nicknamed the Big Ass Bar.