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Pump + Focus V4 ramps up the pumps with more citrulline and VasoDrive

Like A Pro Pump Focus V4

Pump Focus or Pump + Focus is the premier stimulant pre-workout from Like A Pro Supplements, and despite the title only naming two benefits in muscle pumps and mental focus, it is very much a comprehensive competitor tackling all of the core effects. It was about half a year ago that the reputable brand refreshed the formula behind the pre-workout and relaunched it as Pump + Focus V3. As well as that version served fans, Like A Pro has announced the fourth iteration of the product is almost here.

Pump + Focus V4 has been confirmed as coming to market very soon, and in typical Like A Pro Supplements style, it has improved in several areas to ensure you get an even better experience in the gym. The balance of benefits is somewhat the same, with the brand packing it with just as many components to noticeably enhance muscle pumps, drive mental focus, improve performance, and increase energy, which, despite the intensity of newcomers out there, has stayed true to the original.

Like A Pro Pump Focus V4 Label 1

Like A Pro Supplements’ Pump + Focus V4 has all of the same ingredients as V3 with the exception of GlycerSize glycerol, as that has been traded out in favor of taurine. Other tweaks and changes to improve the product include 75% more citrulline to 7g of pure citrulline over 6g of citrulline malate, a single gram jump in tyrosine from 2 to 3g, and double the VasoDrive to 508mg. Basically, if you’re a fan of the current version of the Pump + Focus pre-workout, V4 looks like it’ll come through very similar, with a jump in pumps due to the glycerol swapping for extra citrulline and VasoDrive, and slightly better focus from the tyrosine.

We did say Like A Pro Supplements has stayed true to its initial Pump + Focus in V4, and we meant that regarding the energy, as the pre-workout has always been rather light, which remains the case here with 150mg of natural caffeine per serving. The brand is going to have a strong selection of flavors as soon as the sequel supplement eventually makes its debut, with five to choose from in Cherry Pop Candy, Fuji Apple, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Sherbet, and Grape Soda, each packing a strong 30 servings a tub.