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Korean food giant Lotte releases calorie-free alternatives for its ice pops

Lotte Zero Calorie Screw Bar And Jaws Bar

Lotte is a giant food company in Korea that is available in all sorts of stores and stockists across the country, and it dabbles in the world of functional food with several different high-protein, low-calorie, better-for-you treats and snacks. Two of the brand’s items are the Screw Bar and Jaws Bar — translated directly from Korean — which are technically ice pops or ice cream foods on a stick, but they’ve been given a functional twist this week with completely calorie-free versions of both the Screw Bar and Jaws Baw.

As a bit of an introduction to Lotte’s Screw Bar and Jaws Bar, they are traditional popsicles, or what we know as ice pops, with a frozen block treat on the end of a stick; Screw Bar is thinner and longer with a twist shape and Jaws Bar is more classic with a shark-shaped block. Each of them is flavored with plenty of sugar and macros to ensure a great taste, although the all-new functional spin-offs, the 0 Cal Screw Bar and 0 Cal Jaws Bar, are made with 18g of allulose and claim absolutely zero sugar, carbs, and calories.

We don’t imagine Lotte’s 0 Cal Screw Bar and 0 Cal Jaws Bar are as sweet or authentic as the original sugary versions, but they’ll likely be close and be worth the sacrifice in taste and texture for a completely calorie-free alternative. They’re rolling out into the market in Korea this week and do have similar branding to the regular Screw Bar and Jaws Bar, but with giant “0 kCal” callouts on the front, so fans of the food giant Lotte should have no problem spotting them in stores or locating them in online stores.

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