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MM Sports develops a topical creatine to quickly grow specific body parts and muscle groups

Mm Sports Liquid Creatine

Swedish retailer MM Sports, known for its strong selection of house brands like Body Science, PureSwe, and the powerhouse Viking Power, has put together something quite intricate and innovative for April Fools’ Day, and we’re fairly certain it’s a prank. The supplement store and house of brands has introduced Liquid Creatine; although this is not a beverage to have on the go or a bulk drink to pour into your pre-workout serving by serving, it is a topical creatine product to support strength, performance, and power.

MM Sports Liquid Creatine is as simple as any topical supplement: pour a serving onto your hand and rub it into a muscle to increase size and strength in that specific area. In the example provided in the sports nutrition company’s announcement, Liquid Creatine is smeared on a bicep, and very quickly, it becomes significantly bigger. Presumably, that process can be replicated for other body parts and muscle groups whether it be your chest, back, or legs; a great way to be able to bring up weak or lagging body parts.

As convenient as the seemingly highly effective Liquid Creatine from MM Sports appears to be, it is very much an April Fools’ Day Prank. The retailer does not have it available for purchase in its online store; however, it does have plenty of other creatine type supplements under its various brands and at great prices.

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