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Sauce specialist Mrs. Taste brings its experience to protein bars in the Taste Cookie Bar

Mrs Taste Cookie Bar

Brazilian functional specialist Mrs. Taste has always been known for its delicious, better-for-you condiments in a mountain of flavors with low to no calories. The creative company goes deep into the space, too, making all sorts of sauces, syrups, and dressings with classic tastes like Ketchup, Barbecue, Maple Syrup, and general Salad Dressing. Mrs. Taste has decided to take that functional experience into a very different area of the industry in protein snacks.

Mrs. Taste has introduced the protein bar, Taste Cookie Bar, a roasted snack featuring a thick main body but filled with a mouthwatering gooey center and all covered in a chocolate coating. The product is on the lighter side of the category, about 75% of the typical 60g bar at 45g, and the protein is even lighter, coming in at 9g a piece. Unfortunately, the other macros aren’t as low, with 20 to 22g of carbohydrates, 5 to 6g of sugar, 13g of fat, and 229 to 234 calories.

Mrs Taste Cookie Bar Close Up

Knowing the experience of Mrs. Taste and what’s gone into producing its popular and absolutely massive selection of products, especially trying to nail each of its different condiments; we have to imagine the flavor of the Taste Cookie Bar will be worth the moderate-protein nutrition profile. The 9g of protein isn’t too bad for a small snack, but again, it comes with a lot of carbohydrates and fat despite the 45g size, as those calories are the same as most bars with 20g of protein.

If you’d like to give Mrs. Taste’s protein bar debut a try, there are four flavors to choose from for the Taste Cookie Bar in Cookies & Cream, a decadent Chocolate Truffle, Dulce de leche, inspired by the traditional dessert of the same name, and something for fruit fans out there in Strawberry. Those within reach of its shipping can purchase the Brazilian brand’s pocket-sized snacking experience through its website with singles at R$8.78 or a box of 12 at R$7.99 (1.54 USD) each.

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