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Creatine joins the Pharma-Grade family as its first basic essential-style supplement

Pharma Grade Creatine

The still relatively young and growing Pharma-Grade has only attempted advanced sports nutrition categories since it came to market. That arsenal, of course, includes competitors for the pre-workout space with Pre and the stackable stimulant-free Pump, the amino cocktail EAA, and the testosterone booster Test. Pharma-Grade has now gone ahead and put together its first standalone supplement, and it is one of the most common in this industry with the bulk and unflavored ingredient-named Creatine.

Pharma-Grade’s Creatine tips the scales at half a kilogram a tub, which the product claims as 166 servings, each at 3g of muscle strength, size, and power-supporting creatine monohydrate. This is an essential-style supplement, so you can divide that 500g however you like, not necessarily into 166 servings; you could also do 100 servings at a full 5g a piece. According to Pharma-Grade, the simply named and formulated Creatine is available for order by retailers via its distributors and should be on shelves shortly.

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