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PXL names the three all-new flavors replacing its discontinued originals

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PXL recently confirmed that it would be discontinuing all of its energy drink flavors except for one, its most recently released effort, Easy Mode, which sweetly combines kiwifruit and pear. All of the others are being phased out, from the originals Liquid Lightning and Rock & Rage to the authentic Final Fantasy XVI collaboration Eikon Elixir. Thankfully, the Swedish brand isn’t just shrinking its selection; there are plans to fill the gaps left behind by the discontinued options, and those have now been revealed.

At the beginning of next month, the functional beverage maker PXL, which puts 200mg of caffeine in its 500ml cans alongside minimal calories, is releasing three completely new flavor creations, the same amount of tastes that have been discontinued. Replacing Liquid Lightning, Rock & Rage, and Eikon Elixir is the pineapple lemon recipe Speed Run, a blend of raspberry and cherry called Rage Meter, and a clash of blueberry and raspberry for another unique gaming-themed option in Insert Coin.

Again, PXL is officially adding Speed Run, Rage Meter, and Insert Coin to the already available Easy Mode within the next few weeks, so while three flavors are being phased out, the loss in selection will be extremely short-lived. The brand is running through remaining stock of Liquid Lightning, Rock & Rage, and Eikon Elixir as we write this, and the new additions are right around the corner, so the replacements are essentially rolling into coolers as the originals make their way out the door.

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