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Relentless Labz makes a bulk liquid pre-workout but with a more well-rounded formula

Relentless Labz Activate Pre Liquid

Relentless Labz has put together a completely new pre-workout, and it is very different from any of its other competitors in the saturated category like Activate, the potent Activate Xtreme, Demonize, and the eFlow Nutrition collaboration, Activate Enrage. The upcoming addition to the space from the brand is an extension of its extensive Activate line of pre-workouts with Activate Pre Liquid, which, instead of being a supplement in the traditional bulk powder format, is a bottle of bulk liquid.

Activate Pre Liquid is essentially a large bottle of strawberry and watermelon flavored liquid, and to prepare a serving, you pour the product into the cap, and one full cap will give you a maximum serving, as opposed to scooping out some powder and mixing it with water. There are several stimulant-free, glycerol-powered pre-workout supplements on the market with this same sort of format, but Activate Pre Liquid is not stimulant-free or focused on pumps; it is a well-rounded offering.

Relentless Labz Activate Pre Liquid Label

Relentless Labz Activate Pre Liquid packs a moderate blend of pre-workout ingredients and dosages, including 3g of citrulline malate and 2g of HydroPrime glycerol for pumps. Beta-alanine is in the mix, as per usual, at 3g to support performance and endurance, then intensely driving the energy and focus side of the experience, you get 50mg of Dynamine, 1.5mg of yohimbine HCl, and strong 375mg of caffeine. Altogether, as mentioned, it is a more balanced pre-workout, supporting all of the core benefits of energy, focus, pumps, and performance, although with a unique format and serving style.

Activate Pre Liquid is not available yet; however, Relentless Labz has said it’s not far away, launching sometime in the near future. It comes in at least one flavor with Strawberry Watermelon, blending the two title fruits, and you’ll get the usual amount of servings of a pre-workout at 30. It’ll be a nice addition to the brand’s catalog, bringing something different to the table, not just in format but effectiveness, too, as Relentless claims the delivery system provides absorption that’s twice as fast.