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Sneak drops its own mouthwash on April Fools’ Day and it is not a prank

Sneak Labs Mouthwash

Gaming supplement company Sneak, known for its incredibly creative, innovative, and entertaining marketing, has joined in on the fun of April Fools’ Day, but it’s not pulling any sort of prank despite how it may sound. If you’re a fan or someone paying attention to the brand over the last few months, on various occasions; it’s been releasing a special edition, one-of-a-kind items as a part of its Sneak Labz line, including a caffeinated ice pop and caffeinated hot sauce.

Alongside April Fools’ Day, the UK’s always enjoyable Sneak has released its own mouthwash, and again, as much as this sounds like a prank, it isn’t. For a limited time, you can head to the brand’s online store and purchase a 500ml bottle of Sneak mouthwash for the traditional purpose of this sort of product. This is not something you can swallow nor does it have caffeine like almost every other product we’ve seen from Sneak, and it comes in one of the brand’s signature flavors.

The all-new and very limited Sneak Mouthwash is available in a Raspberry Lemonade flavor, a taste from the menu of the gaming supplement company’s flagship product, Sneak Energy. The price of the seemingly April Fools’ Day Prank, but again, is completely real, is £2 (2.53 USD) direct, and shipping on the entertaining drop and any orders containing it, is entirely free.

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