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Gaming brand Sneak makes a hot sauce and it does indeed have caffeine in it

Sneak Energy Hot Sauce

When it comes to creativity, the gaming specialist Sneak in the UK is undoubtedly one of the best, frequently making unexpected moves and surprising marketing stunts. This year alone, we saw several examples of that with the release of its own custom wooden katana sword, a skateboard deck, and a caffeinated ice pop. At the end of this week, fans are being treated to another creative effort from Sneak, and it is certainly unique.

In two days, on Friday, Sneak is launching its own line of hot sauce, and this is not a joke; the gaming supplement company is indeed dropping a bottle of hot sauce to throw on your food for a bit of spice and flavor. The product is coming in two flavors with Neon Punch and a taste from the brand’s signature product in Tropikilla. To make the creation that much more interesting and to give it that Sneak twist, there is caffeine in there.

Basically, Sneak is bringing two of the things it’s known for in its energy and focus-supporting supplement, Sneak Energy, to hot sauce: spicy flavors and a punch of caffeine for uplifting energy. Similar to the caffeinated ice pops the brand did earlier in the year, the hot sauce is only going to be around for a limited time. Once again, it is arriving Friday over at, and while we don’t know its price, we can’t imagine it being a lot.