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Misfits makes a softer version of its original plant-powered protein bar

Softer Misfits Protein Bar

Successful and internationally available plant-based protein snack brand Misfits, originally from the UK, has shaken up its flagship offering, the product that put it on the map with a new version or spin-off, it seems, in the Softer Misfits Protein Bar. True to the name, or at least the title it’s being referred to by, the Softer Protein Bar takes many of the features of the regular Misfits Protein Bar and has made it softer for a better and more enjoyable eating experience.

The ingredients and nutrition profile is much the same in the Softer Misfits Protein Bar are much the same as the functional food company’s original, but again, the key difference is the softer and smoother consistency, which breaks away much easier with every bite. The newly released product has 14 to 15g of plant-powered protein per piece, 19g of carbohydrates with under a gram of that sugar, between 6 and 8g of fat, and a respectable 175 to 180 calories.

It is worth noting that the Softer Misfits Protein Bar is not replacing the standard Misfits Protein Bar, or at least for now, as the product has hit the brand’s website in three flavors, separate from the original lineup in Caramel Fudge, Cookie Butter, and Peanut Butter Fudge. The better eating experience will cost you more but it’s not by a lot, where a box of 15 pieces of the Softer Protein Bar carries a regular £29.99, which has been discounted for the debut to £27.50.

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