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Newly added symbols representing the performance and readership of each post

Stack3d Post View Measure

Moving forward, at the bottom of every post on Stack3d, you’ll start seeing a small emoji, which isn’t overly noticeable or prominent at the moment, although rest assured it is not a bug, glitch, or anything like that. This is actually a measurement reflecting our implementation of internal tracking of each of the individual posts for the purpose of showing on the frontend of the website. The tracking was only added to the system over the weekend, so it doesn’t encompass any traffic or post statistics before then.

The way it is going to work is there will be an emoji at the footer of each post representing the number of views it has received. We’ll have a variety of different symbols; at the moment, the system uses a smiley face, teeth showing smiley, and an ecstatic smiley. If you see the last one, that means the post views are in the 1,000s or more, then the teeth smiley is less than that, and regular smiley is a minimum to zero. Again, we’ll be changing it as we go, including the ranges that earn the badges, the symbols, and position.

It’s a great way to see what brands and even types of supplements are attracting a lot of attention, in addition to the upvoting and downvoting system that we have in place, and reflects results right on the home page of Stack3d. Our initial implementation of the traffic system and ranking is simple, and while it achieves the purpose of showing what’s getting attention, it will be expanded beyond this; again, we may add more symbols for more tiers and sections on the site to show the most read for the week and so on.

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