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Region feature now includes developments from outside brands within those areas

Stack3d region to include specific developments

We recently introduced a new and highly requested feature to filter down some of the major markets we share news and developments on at Stack3d. It makes it easier to see the latest and greatest from around the globe of sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drinks in your part of the world, with the initial options being Europe, Oceania, and Asia. All you need to do is visit the menu located at the top left of every page, then navigate to the Regions tab, where you can choose from any of those three.

We’ve pretty much completed the categorizing of the 100s or nearly 1,000s of brands we share news on, so if you decide you can head to those regions and check out some of the newest drops in the likes of Europe, and scroll back to go through some of the older items. We’ve further developed the selection of the feature as we noticed it was missing something that excluded recent stories we shared that did indeed relate to those who would be looking through and reading the location-specific developments.

When it comes to regional news from a brand outside of that region, that can now be seen in the three initial categories of Europe, Oceania, and Asia. For example, the US energy drink giant Celsius recently announced plans to produce and distribute its beverage in the UK, Ireland, and France, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Those pieces, as well as others like it, didn’t previously come under the regions but will show up in their related region pages moving forward.

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